Why buy Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

Good business depends on reliable and cost effective printing. You bought your HP Printer because it is reliable. It has all the features you need to get the very best results in the least amount of time. It has all the features you need to get on with business while you are printing. It is a marvelous piece of technology.

But there is one part of the printer that some people take for granted - the Genuine HP ink cartridge. It may look simple but it is an intricate piece of technology. Made with the most exacting precision, within extremely tight tolerances and to the very highest standards. It has to be the very best results from your HP Printer.



Using generic ink cartridges or refilling ink cartridges may look like a way to save money. It is rarely the case though. Independent tests show that a Genuine HP Ink Cartridge can print twice as many pages as a generic or refilled cartridge. What is more, a Genuine HP Ink Cartridge is made precisely for your HP Printer. It is guaranteed to work with your printer and that ensures the highest productivity. Productivity is the key to printing, and business, success.

Under test it has shown that as many as 1 in 4 generic and refilled ink cartridges will fail to work with your HP Printer A Genuine HP Ink Cartridge is made to tolerances of tiny fractions of a millimeter. A generic cartridge may not be and if it isn’t it will either give poor printing results or not print at all. So, you have wasted far more money than you thought that you had saved. Even worse, that failure can damage your printer so you have wasted even more time and money while you get the printer repaired.

So what looked like a money saver can turn out to be a very expensive decision.



We don’t all print the same number of pages or the same sort of prints. HP offer a range of HP Ink Cartridges to meet your printing needs at the most economical price.

  • For those who don’t print large numbers of pages or not all the time, the Standard HP Ink Cartridge is the most economical range to choose from. This range has a BLUE Dot on the box.
  • For those who print more pages more often the Genuine HP XL range prints a larger number of pages at a lower cost for each page. This range has a GREEN Dot on the box.
  • You may print a lot of photos and there is a Genuine HP Ink Cartridge made specially to meet this need. This range has a RED Dot on the box.



We all know that pollution from waste and Greenhouse Gases are a major threat to the future of the planet. We see it all around us every day. Reducing waste and harmful smoke haze from manufacturing will significantly benefit future generations., Therefore Product Stewardship is an important part of the buying decision.  Even an empty Genuine HP Ink Cartridge is more useful than a generic or refilled ink cartridge? Because HP, through their Planet Partners program take back empty Genuine HP Ink Cartridges. Because all the parts are recycled to be made into something else that is useful. This program not only reduces pollution but it reduces our reliance on nonrenewable resources such as oil and ores.

None of the generic cartridge manufacturers have a plan for Product Stewardship. They are quite happy to make the world a worse place to live in for all the generations to come.