The cost to purchase a printer is relatively inexpensive. You can purchase a simple office printer from $40 and it will print a few sheets for you just fine. However, the biggest printing costs come from the price of the ink cartridges. When you purchase them from the OEMs, they have a shelf life on them and typically print a certain amount of sheets before they require a refill. In a bid to minimise ink cartridge costs, people often look into getting ink refills. The ink refills can be bought cheaply on sites such as eBay and they often promise to be a much cheaper solution than purchasing an ink cartridge. However, the savings that are made with the ink refills may be eroded by other factors. Here are a few of the factors below.

Ink refills can damage the printer cartridge.

In order to refill the ink cartridge, a person will need to open up the cartridge and fill the ink in the right place. The difference in the ink might affect the way the ink is dispersed through the cartridge or even the way it dries on the paper. If it fails to print properly, the cartridge becomes useless.

Ink refills can damage the printer.

As mentioned above, the ink technology might not be compatible with the printer and can actually cause defects with the printer. This might include the ink bleeding into the paper feeder, which will ruin any sheets being printed on. If this happens, the entire printer will need to be replaced, You also need to consider that the quality of the prints will be affected if refills are used. Matthew Murray published an article on Extreme Tech that shared insight from one of HPs managers, who spoke about how their printer cartridge technology works with the ink and how it affects the print quality.The argument they shared in the article was that as much as they want to provide refills, it just doesn’t provide the same print quality.

How much could an ink refill actually cost you?

If you need to replace the ink cartridge along with the refill that you purchased, it will easily set you back $50. However, if you damage your printer, purchasing a new one or getting it repaired will cost you a few hundred or thousand dollars. It isn’t worth saving a few dollars to get the added expense. If printer costs are an issue, get in touch with one of our consultants who can help you choose a cost-effective printer setup.