When it comes to business, there is so much that happens behind the scenes. The dedicated hours spent building strategic relationships, tireless analysis, and of course the quality business accessories that allow you to move with pace and intent. Finding the right printing accessories will be one of your greatest assets as a high functioning business operation, so don’t make these decisions lightly and find the right models.

Understand your requirements

The latest printer with all the bells and whistles may look great, but do you need all those enhancements? Conversely, you may think you can get away with acquiring a basic model only to find yourself sending printing jobs out of the house and incurring steep fees when you do so. It’s imperative that you understand your requirements, and include your team in the decision-making process as their needs may differ from your own.

Do your research

It’s a blessing and a curse that there are so many great brands in printer technology, although conducting your own research will assist in uncovering which brand and model type is best for your business. Some reputable brands to start you on the road to discovery would be HP, Brother, Canon, Richoh, Lanier, Toshiba and Fuji.

Lead with technology

If it’s been a while since you upgraded your printer, you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the technology capabilities have expanded considerably. Connectivity is a new expectation in the market, with mobile printing commonplace and utilised by employees onsite and remote. Engage your greater team and find out what stumbling blocks they encounter, and see if you can integrate printer technology solutions to overcome the issues.

Consider maintenance and warranties

Operating in a business, you likely scrutinise received and outgoing contract terms and inclusions. The same should be done of your printing contracts. Make sure your printing accessories come with a reasonable warranty period and explore what maintenance terms can be negotiated in the event that they stop functioning as they should be.


Don’t allow these key decisions to pass by, and embrace the right printing accessories for your business so that you can move quicker and smarter. The old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is true, but typically in our day to day business we can’t see just how broken the processes are until we amend them.