There seems to be an endless supply of business needs that demand our attention on any given day. How quickly a day, week or month can pass by without any reflection on whether you’re running your business to its maximum efficiency. Adopting a Managed Print Service is a growing trend for business’ conscious of the bottomline, not to mention giving countless hours back to staff on all levels. Find out if a Managed Printing Service model is a road your business can take to get ahead.

What is Managed Printing Services?

Managed Printing Services is a program offered by Cartridge Direct, designed to manage every aspect of your business printing needs. This includes devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and faxes. This partnership gives businesses the best of both worlds; full support and optimisation, without the maintenance and management falling on your already busy shoulders.

How does it compare?

When it comes to printing, your options are going direct to the retailer, sending your work to a commercial printer, or proceeding with Managed Print Services. Proceeding with the latter places the onerous on the supplier, freeing up the hours and responsibility of your colleagues. Additionally, your business will also be supplied with usage reports which can prompt discussions around workflow and optimisation in your office. This service model also gets you access to the latest printing technology, without you laying out the cost.

What are the key benefits?

When you size up each offering (retailer, commercial and Managed Print Service) against price, maintenance, convenience - Managed Printer Services always comes out on top. The service also reduces the instance of using local printers which are notoriously expensive and inflexible. Another benefit for businesses is that you need never worry about printer placement again, as the service is equally available to all with no long journeys required. A Managed Printing Service also gives you access to leading print technology, without you having to actually purchase the print device outright.

Key considerations

While Managed Printer Services are recommended for many business types, there are some key considerations that should be explored before making the switch. Managed Print Services give you access to cutting edge technology and devices, but this will need to be communicated to your greater team with accompanied training so that everyone can take advantage of this optimised feature. One of the finest features of Managed Print Services is that your are a partner of the printing vendor, so your team will be able to work alongside this partner to get the best out of the relationship. Embrace this union early on with complimentary training, so that everyone is getting what they want, when they want it.

There is no greater luxury than taking time to work on the business, instead of in the business. Start assessing your current printing solutions, and ask the honest questions about how these processes can be streamlined.

Discuss your Managed Print Service options with Cartridge Direct, and claim back those wasted hours spent maintaining your printer.