Look within any business and you should be able to easily identify what are the assets and liabilities within the organisation. The printer is one of those items that can flirt on the line between being an “income generating asset” or a “cash-draining liability”. Most business owners don’t even conduct an audit to determine which side of the line their printing solution sits on.

Poor printing solutions usually come from poor printing management solutions. Things such as “investing in the wrong printing hardware” can often cost the organisation hundreds, if not thousands in additional costs over the life of their printing solution.

Cartridges Direct recommends that you check your current printing solution setup to identify whether your current setup is an asset or a liability to your business.

Your printers only use printer cartridges from the OEM manufacturers.

Compatible printer cartridges are attractive due to their lower prices, however they can cost your organisation more over the long-term. The use of compatible printer cartridges can often void the manufacturer's warranty of the printer, thus costing your organisation more if the printer needs to be repaired.

Additionally, the printer cartridges might not provide the best quality prints. It might not seem like much if you are printing for simple office tasks. However, if you are printing a proposal for a multimillion dollar deal, the impression of your document will contribute or hinder the successful outcome of your proposal. A poor quality document can increase the opportunity cost of your business.

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Your printers use wireless technology.

The printer in your office should be using wireless or bluetooth technology, which should allow anyone in the organisation to print from their desktop or mobile device with ease. This will also minimise the need for hardware and wire installations, as well as minimise any structural or workplace occupational risks.

High-quality paper

This should be a given within your organisation, but people still opt for the cheapest “white” paper available. Cheap white paper might be ok for producing internal draft documents, but you need something that is far superior when printing formal or presentation documents. This could result in increased opportunity costs within your business.

Printing speed

In business, time is money. If your printer’s speed is too slow, it will minimise the overall productivity of the organisation. This will contribute towards additional labour costs within your organisation.

Your printing solution is eco-friendly.

Check the eco-solution that both your printer and the printer cartridge suppliers offer. With the printers, do they conserve energy? And do they have a way to minimise wasted prints?

With the ink cartridges, do the suppliers offer a recycling scheme that prevents the cartridges ending up in landfill?

This will increase the cost that the organisation has on the environment. It could also contribute to the organisation receiving some environmental fines from the local government.

Did your organisation pass? If not, it’s time to revisit your printing solution. Get in touch with the specialists from Cartridges Direct, who can help you implement a cost-friendly printing solution for your organisation.