Graphic Designers and Photographers Need to Upgrade Their Printing Setup

The life of an artist is far from easy, and in this digital age, it can be a real pain to sell your work. In galleries and shows, you need to find ways for your graphics to stand out from the competition. Even untrained eyes can tell a rich colour quality from dull imposters. Between your inks, your printer, and your print mediums, there are dozens of ways to improve your printing set up. But why should you?

Beat Out The Competition

It’s not always as simple as directly comparing the quality of your designs to your competition’s in measurable ways using the theoretical basis of your craft. Even the most beautiful photos in a heavenly gallery space can look like they were taken by a potato if the printer ink is substandard. To draw new life from your work, use brighter ink to increase the realism of the image. If your audience feels like they’re looking at the subject rather than a photo of the subject, they’ll be more drawn to your work than the work of your competition.

Draw In New Customers

While your old customers may be dedicated enough to stick with you through thick and thin, and you may even have a good online following of people who even see any of the real printed pictures, a steady increase of customers gives you the freedom to keep creating what you love. When online customers order your prints, they should be getting a high quality image on high quality mediums, satisfying them enough so they come back for more. Showing your work in a gallery is a great way to broaden your audience too - but it’s useless if your printing setup means the digital image is better.

Reach Full Potential

Even if competition means nothing to you, there’s nothing sadder than a beautiful artwork printed on a flimsy board. Give your work the infrastructure it needs to shine; let it be beautiful enough to make you, and your audience, truly feel the meaning of the piece. Expanding your range of mediums by printing on glass, fabric, or even wood, will allow you to reach new heights of creativity. You don’t want to be so distracted by poor print quality that you fail to appreciate the piece.

Don’t let a poor printing setup stop you from taking the world by storm. Upgrading a few products here and there can do wonders for your work and you’ll be so much happier for it.