Lesson in Lessening

Even with the growing popularity of the paperless office format, the hard copy still plays a pivotal role in the modern office. Whether using a printer, office copier, or a combination of both, your prints and copies can consume a large amount of ink, especially if the office is a larger one. For most businesses, there really is no way to skimp on printer cartridges when running a business, so it’s important to do what you can to extend their life as much as possible.

As most business owners know, printer cartridges can be expensive in printing high quality, professional-grade documents. Anyone who has ever worked in an office or owned a printer understands the frustration of seeing that low ink message on their printer, especially when in the middle of a particularly large print job. Short of shaking the printer cartridge, there are much more effective and useful ways to get more out of your printer cartridges.

Keep reading to learn about just a few more ways you can preserve the life of your printer cartridges.

How to Get More Out of Your Printer Cartridges

Double Check Printer/Copier Settings

If looking to conserve ink, first check your printer settings to reduce the amount of ink you use when printing. Go into your start menu, click on settings, and then go to printer. Click on preferences, and then choose any one of the options available. Alternatively, you can also click print and go into printer properties where you can find the icon that asks you whether you want to print best (more ink), normal (standard), and fast or draft (less ink).

Be Aware Of What You Print

Documents with large, bolded fonts or a lot of pictures will use plenty of ink. When printing documents, use the print preview menu to see exactly how the document will appear and then reduce the font. When printing pictures, consider setting your printer properties to “draft” or “fast” to avoid using so much ink.

Use A Back Door

Another way to guarantee the life of your ink cartridge is to ignore the printer message and trick the cartridge into using the last of the ink. While the ink message might say there is no or little ink, there is usually more, and this can be accessed simply by pressing the hole just above the circuit board on the cartridge. This resets the memory while giving you a little more time before you need to replace the cartridge.

Prevent Clogging

Another problem that prevents you from maximising the use of a printer cartridge is when clogging occurs. This can be addressed by routinely cleaning the printer nozzles through the cleaning program on your printer. By routinely performing this operation, you avoid the clogging that occurs as a result of heavy printing.

Print Only When Necessary

Finally, conserve your ink by only printing documents that have to be in hard copy format. Create a list of items that have to be printed and then stick to only printing items on the list. Then, create space online or on your computer to save everything else.

Invest In An Eco-Friendly Printer

While the cost might be more, a printer that conserves printer ink can save you countless dollars down the road. Printers that control the amount of ink or print double-sided copies are a few that can save money over the long run. More importantly, this small change preserves the environment.

Saving For That Last Print

Standard practice is to shake the cartridge, and this can work as well. However, to extend the number of prints you can get from a cartridge consider doing all or even one of the above suggestions. Using these precautions, you can guarantee that last print does not come sooner than necessary.