Not all ink cartridges are created equal. And the same can be said for its performance quality as well. Cartridges Direct advocates its customers to use genuine ink cartridges from the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Many people are tempted to purchase cheaper solutions because of the pricing factor, but they don’t realise how much the difference in the authenticity of the cartridges can impact their prints, their printing equipment and the benefits and costs associated either directly or indirectly.

In this article, we explain the difference between the ink cartridge options available from different manufacturers and how they can impact the quality of your prints and your equipment.

Genuine ink cartridges,

Genuine ink cartridges are those manufactured and patented by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The ink cartridges that are developed by these manufacturers use the latest ‘cutting-edge’ technology when it comes to maximising print yields, colours and the quality of the finished print.

The cartridges tend to have a cost that is higher than average. However, the premium cost reflects the amount of investment that goes into developing the cartridge, as well as the investment to ethically dispose of the cartridge once it reaches the end of its life. 

According to HP, the company invests $1 billion into ink cartridge research and development every year. Genuine ink cartridge manufacturers work towards ensuring their ink cartridges pass their quality assurance checks, so customers will have a positive experience with their products.

Compatible ink cartridges.

According to Wikipedia, compatible ink cartridges are designed by third party manufacturers and are designed to work in designated printers in a way that won’t infringe the patents of printer manufacturers. Although these aren’t generic, if they are used in your printer and an issue occurs, it’s likely to void any warranty that you might have with your printer and you will be liable for any repair costs.

Generic ink cartridges.

Generic ink cartridges typically position themselves in the market as being the cheaper alternative. They are developed by companies that don’t adhere to quality assurance processes and often implement a ‘copycat’ approach to when developing their ink cartridges.

It’s not advised to purchase generic ink cartridges. Even though it is tempting to go for a product that has a cheaper pricing point, the costs associated with potential damage, repairs or the quality of the prints will far exceed the cost savings when purchasing generic ink cartridges.

It’s not uncommon for generics to use poor quality inks or even be dead on arrival, leaving the customer out of pocket.

It’s important that you know about the type of ink that you are purchasing for your printer. There are benefits and risk to each, but you will always get the best results from genuine ink cartridge suppliers.