Cartridges Direct technology

Printing technology has long dominated the news, but now the headlines are taking on a new angle with leading printer ink manufacturers doing their bit to fight counterfeit cartridges. The emergence of counterfeit cartridges have created an unnecessary trap for businesses who have the misfortune of making decisions based on price. With poor output and unreliable technology, leading printer ink manufacturers are working to ensure that only genuine cartridges are making their way to your office.

What’s the harm in using counterfeit cartridges?

Attracted by a lower price, business operators will purchase counterfeit cartridges with the idea that they can expect the high printing performance that they see from genuine cartridges. This is incorrect on both accounts, with the print work not looking up to par, and the cartridges costing more when they inevitably do not last the distance and require replacement sooner. In addition to low quality, counterfeit cartridges are not always made ethically and rarely are they the by-product of a recycled cartridge, which is becoming a growing standard among reputable printer manufacturers.

Quality assurance from your printer

HP have earned their strong brand reputation, known for delivering quality printers and ink cartridges to businesses and individuals alike. They are also well aware of the counterfeit cartridges in circulation and what damage they can do to ones machine and print work, which has led to HP branding each cartridge with a unique holographic label. This is hard for counterfeits to copy, but HP have further hedged their concerns by designing their printers to spot and alert the user to whether or not the cartridge is counterfeit. Printers will display a simple ‘Used or counterfeit ink cartridge detected’ when the cartridge is inserted, allowing users to remove the cartridge before any damage can be inflicted.

Identifying the root cause

When we think of counterfeit cartridges, is the price-conscious user to blame or does the responsibility fall on the provider of counterfeit cartridges? HP found that the latter was to wear the crime of counterfeit cartridges, and in 2018 HP executed 500 raids which seized 170 million counterfeit toners and printing technology products. By not only recommending genuine cartridges but finding and stopping counterfeit producers and suppliers, HP are fighting back on counterfeits so that businesses are only using quality products. It also sends a message that unethical practises are not tolerated, and justice will be enforced to those operating outside of the law.


Leading printer ink manufacturers like HP are pioneering a sustainable future for printing technology. By creating recognisable features on genuine cartridges and having a no-tolerance approach to anything else will educate the market on what to buy, and the risks of making or using counterfeit cartridges.