Printer Care

When it comes to office care, unfortunately the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ way of thinking tends to prevail. Unlike your other devices, the printer does not stay within your personal space and is never assigned to the care of any one person. This often means that your printer care is neglected and not seen to unless it makes those dreaded noises before it breaks down. To avoid this happening in your busy office, find out the A to Z in printer care.

Quality in, quality out

There may be some areas in which you can get by on the generic brands and low quality products. This is not true of your printer. Quality will produce quality, and when you’re using your printer for professional purposes - quality should always be the benchmark to strive for. It’s the printer cartridges that will add the most value, and are an integral piece that contributes to the end product that lands in the printer tray. If your business has not already, make quality supplies and cartridges a key priority and standard.

Don’t overload the feed

Paper jams are not inevitable. They can be avoided, but it requires a commitment on your part to not overload the paper feed. Leaving too much paper in your feed for a long period of time could have a lasting negative effect on your device, causing it to slow and break down more often. Most recommendations say there should not be more than 10 pages loaded in the feed at one given time, and it should only be one type of paper (size and stock). Always load the paper carefully and slowly to get the best results.

Clean your printer unit

While most printers can complete almost all tasks, they are unable to clean themselves. With the aid of a soft-bristled brush, you can clean each surface, screen and tray of your printer. Like any mess, the printer can build up dust and scraps of paper getting it to a point where a printer technician will need to rid the unit of the debris. This simple cleaning habit will immediately improve the quality of your printing jobs, and reduce the number of breakdowns and delays. Establish a cleaning schedule within your office that nominates a person or department to do the dirty work once a week.

Don’t abuse the settings

As humans, we are attracted to devices and machines that promise the world at the touch of a button. Your printer is no different, and does a full range of tasks that best complement your office needs. But this can be a slippery slope if not used and respected accordingly. Keeping your printer in normal mode is a good rule of thumb, no matter how tempting that fast mode can be. If you are printing 100 colour stapled booklets on a thick stock paper on fast mode - you may have a catastrophe on your hands. That’s not to say you should do nothing, you did choose your printer for its functions after all, it just means some care and common sense is needed to not overload the unit.

Your printer is critical to the successful running of your business. Don’t let your ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude affect the smooth running of your printer unit. The printer makes up a huge investment on the part of your business, and the impact of not having one will cause company-wide drama. So practise care now, and stop neglecting these basic practises.