The somewhat iconic Brother brand has been around for more than a century. Beginning as a sewing machine company, the business evolved to include washing and knitting machines. The company continued to grow and in the 1960s, the innovative company began producing cash registers and precursors to the modern-day calculator.

In its modern form, the company, which is now a conglomerate, is known for producing world-class printers. From the very basic models to ones with all of the bells and whistles, Brother has been behind some of the greatest innovations in printing technology. Currently, the company offers top-of-the-line Brother cartridges and printers in a price range of very affordable to moderately priced units.

Continue reading to learn more about the Brother company, what they offer and what makes them stand out from the crowd.


The two types of printers available through the company are ink and laser jet printers. The ink jet printers require cartridges that are less expensive, but if you are looking for quality prints the laser jet printer is probably a better choice, especially if you plan on printing a lot of pictures. Either way, you still get excellent value for the cost.


Brother printers come with a range of features with many of them combining faxing, scanning, and copying features. Updated versions of this printer are compatible with wireless printing that is accessible through your iOS or Android smartphone. This is great for people who find themselves away from their desks because it allows you to print from any location.

Two updates to the printers are the ability to do double-sided printing and bulk scanning. One of the newer technologies this brand offers to consumers is the double-sided print, which is great in ink savings. Bulk scanning relieves some of the hassles of having to individually feed documents into the scanner. In terms of providing consumers with a product that can complete a number of tasks, the Brother printer is probably one of the best out there.


The printers are great for small to moderate jobs. Printing text is great, but images that are large can be problematic and you probably want to go with a printer with a dpi of 2400. The printer cartridges are relatively inexpensive, and with the ability to print efficiently, your ink cartridges last longer than they normally would.


As with many tech products, the Brother printer can range in price as well. The most inexpensive ranges in the $50 area and the most expensive is close to $350. With an inexpensive printer, you can generally still scan, fax, and copy. Copies are in both black/white and colour, and for the price, it can do small jobs more than sufficiently.

In the mid-range to expensive pricing, the printer functions are more advanced giving you more versatility. These models typically offer users duplex printing and wireless capabilities. The more expensive models are designed with the small business in mind, as they can handle higher volume.

Top Picks

Of the range of models manufactured by the company, the monochrome printers and laser printers are definitely the most popular. The main benefits of these models are their speed and versatility, wireless printing capabilities and the print quality, which is a major plus for these models. Disadvantages are that the printers are difficult to set up, the electric cords are not detachable, and they do not come with the requisite USB cords.

A Brand Reinventing Itself

Not too many brands have been around for more than a century and evolved to stay current and up-to-date with the needs of the global consumer. One of the reasons why the Brother brand has become so successful is because of its knack of reinventing itself. In its current incarnation, the company is providing consumers with some of the best printing technology of the modern time and we can only guess where this exciting, innovative leader of the tech world will take us next.