Graphic designers spend countless hours creating fonts, illustrations and designs that will inspire and ignite people to react to their creations or their works. The visual idea that they have comes to life on their computer screen, but it is just as important to have the visualisation come to life once it has been printed

All printers can print the works of graphic designers, but there are variances in the quality of the print depending on the printer that is used. As a graphic designer, you want the visual representation to be the same or enhanced once it has been printed. And if your printer isn’t letting your work “jump off the page”, then it is important that you invest in a printer that will.

The team from Cartridges Direct recommend the following for choosing a printer for graphic design work.

Inkjet or Laser printer?

This depends on the amount of pages that you will need to print. There’s relatively little difference between the two printer types, however inkjets do use much more ink for colour prints per page than their laser counterparts. The printer choice will make a big impact on your cartridge replacement costs. Print too often with an inkjet printer and you will continually find yourself replacing the ink cartridges often. Print too little with the laser cartridges and you might find that the cartridge will expire.

Consider the amount of ink tanks that the printer has.

Most printers are configured to have 4 ink tanks. However, graphic designers need to have colour combinations that will render on their final print. Should you invest in an inkjet printer and require photo-quality pictures, a printer with more than 4 colour pots will be ideal so that your prints will use more colours and tones.

What are some of the benefits of having a printer?

It’s important for the graphic designer to know that their prints will look amazing before they go into full production. Having in-house printing proofs will provide more control and an accurate visual of what the final product will look like. (Source)

What capabilities should the printer have?

Red River Catalogue says that the best inkjet printers should:

Be able to print 13 x 19 or smaller

Accept light, heavy, and double-sided papers easily

Have individual ink tanks of 4 to 8 colours

Ideally use dye inks

Be affordable and easy to operate


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