Whether you use your office printer to print, scan or copy, the chances of you fully utilising its automated workflows, state-of-the-art security, and mobile support capabilities are relatively slim. The honest truth is that many corporate employees aren’t even aware that modern printers comprise of such innovative features.

According to the 2016 Fuji Xerox Printers Consumers Insights Survey, one-third of office employees could not use the entirety of features within their own office printers. This isn’t surprising, considering only 70% of office employees are trained on how to use their office printers. This is why I have outlined 3 simple tips on getting the most out of your printer.

Print From Your Mobile

It is clear that mobile use is on a constant rise as it continues to be further implemented into our lives. You may not even be aware of this, but you can actually print documents from your mobile using the in-built cloud-based and mobile systems. This can be beneficial, given the constant rush you are likely to find yourself working in within a corporate office.

The ability to print anywhere at anytime can save you time, not to mention those long trips to and from your desk. This may enable you to print important material in complicated situations like meetings, toilet trips and so on, which means that adding this feature to your utility belt will definitely see an improvement in your work efficiency.

Automate Workflows and Increase Productivity

Printers today actually combine different technologies to offer the feature of automated workflows which can strongly influence workplace productivity. Implementing automated workflows is definitely something worthwhile as it can allow you to set up complex tasks that can be carried out at the touch of a button.

For example, if you were to scan a document such as an invoice, your printer can automatically convert it from image to text, send it to your network cloud and then forward it to necessary personnel. Installing automation like the one mentioned above is actually relatively easy and a simple flick through your printers manual should give you the necessary instructions.

Go Green and Help The Environment

In 2018, it is more than necessary for everyone to do what they can to create a more sustainable future for our planet, no matter the size of your organisation. Investing in a multifunctional printer machine can allow you to setup in-built printing policies and regulations to reduce paper wastage and unnecessary printing.

Furthermore, these modern multifunctional devices are known to use less electricity, ink and toner with every job, which will not only benefit the environment but reduce those hefty business expenses. This 'going green' movement is also noticed by your consumers and will allow you to establish a unique connection with your audience and draw more consumer gratification.


There you have it, 3 handy, effective tips on getting the most out of your printer in 2018. Taking the time to install and utilise these features will allow you to complete tasks quicker, improve workplace productivity and help sustain the environment. Visit the Cartridges Direct website today and view their range of high-quality printers and cartridges!